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FAQ section

I'm interested in your gear as I've heard it's the best on the market! What size should I buy?

I've just received my order and I'm stoked on the gear, but I think I need a different size. How do I exchange my TOBE products?

I really love my new TOBE Outerwear, but unfortunately, I have to return it. How do I make a return?

What happens if an item I ordered is unavailable?

Can I track my order?

What are your return and exchange policies?

How long will it take to receive my order?

How long does it take after you initiate the refund for it to reflect in my bank account?

I need a prepaid shipping label to exchange or return an item. What should I do?

I’m having an issue with my TOBE Outerwear and I am curious if the warranty applies. How do I submit a warranty claim?

I have just sent my TOBE Outerwear in for repair. How long should I expect to wait before getting it back?

My suspenders seem a little too big, can I order a smaller size?

How should I wash my TOBE Outerwear to maximize the performance of my gear's membrane and shell technology?

How does the BOA system work?

Can the Speed Lace system be replaced?

I’m an awesome snowmobiler, skier or snowboarder and I know TOBE makes amazing gear. Will you guys sponsor me?

What is Klarna?

How does Klarna work?

Why can I not pay with the pay after delivery option?

How can I contact Klarna?